Frozen Yogurt

Pinkberry is inspired by European gelaterias and yogurterias, Pinkberry's distinctive yogurt flavors are expertly crafted to complement its high quality, daily fresh cut fruit and dry toppings and offer an irresistibly tangy, incomparably refreshing taste so light it leaves you craving more.

Pinkberry Original


Our signature flavor profile is sweet and tangy with a refreshing finish.

Pinkberry Pomegranate


Made with 100% California grown pure pomegranate juice for a refreshing, bold and tangy taste.

Pinkberry Mango


A sweet and refreshing blend of the authentic taste of mango and the unique Pinkberry tang.

Pinkberry Chocolate


Rich and dark in taste yet so light and delicate — a low fat healthy treat.

Pinkberry Coconut


Coconut Pinkberry instantly brings back tropical memories with its rich coconut flavor and smooth, tangy taste. Coconut Pinkberry is made with real coconut puree – and like all Pinkberry flavors, there is no creamy or dairy aftertaste.


Pinkberry Passionfrui


Passionfruit Pinkberry is the perfect summertime flavor, made with 100% pure passionfruit juice, the flavor is incredibly refreshing with a strong tart/tangy taste profile and a bold citrus finish.

Pinkberry Green Tea

Green Tea

This unique blend of green tea and Pinkberry's signature tang has been known to put one into a zen-like state.

Pinkberry Watermelon


Summer’s exclusive flavor, Watermelon Pinkberry can be topped with fresh watermelon purée and diced cucumbers and watermelon for a cool, crisp and refreshing treat you’ll probably want to last year round.

Pinkberry Peppermint

Seasonal | Peppermint

A sweet holiday treat that's minty and refreshing. Transport yourself to a winter wonderland in every bite.

Seasonal | Blood Orange

With a uniquely bright and citrusy taste, Blood Orange Pinkberry features crisp, complex notes and a refreshing, bittersweet finish.

Seasonal | Peach

Fresh, succulent taste of summer with sweet, refreshing flavor that celebrates a once a year harvest.

Seasonal | Strawberry

Our seasonal strawberry flavor features subtle, sweet notes of summer and a luscious taste that will leave you cool and refreshed.

Seasonal | Chocolate Hazelnut

Decadent, creamy, sweet, and satisfying - this is a taste of the good life

Seasonal | Gingerbread

Sweet with a hint of spice - rediscover the taste of the season.

Seasonal | Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter Pinkberry is sweet, refreshing, and completely satisfying.

Seasonal | Key Lime

Pucker up and savor a zesty burst of citrus with the tart and smooth taste of Key Lime. This Pinkberry treat will have you tingling from head to toe. The perfect lip-smacking balance of tangy and zesty awakens your taste buds, one delightful spoonful at a time.

Seasonal | Cookies & Cream

Dive into a delightful spoonful of Cookies and Cream Pinkberry. It's our light and refreshing take on the classic cookies & cream flavor. A creamy and sweet chocolaty yogurt with tiny bits of cookie pieces and a touch of vanilla. Our latest handcrafted creation is truly the cream of the cookie crop.

Seasonal | Pinkberry Frozen Cherry

Tart, light and refreshing. It's the perfect treat